Useful Links and Contacts

A few useful links and First Points of Contact.

Holy Island. Check for Safe Crossing Times. Check before you go and before you come back. Don’t fool with the tide, it waits for no man!
Bus Timetable for Norham. Perryman’s Bus Service Route No 67 From Berwick to Kelso and Galashiels and back passes through Norham. Bus Stop on the Village Green.
Route No. 67. Timetable click to view Perrymans-67-December-2014.
Roads, Paths, Passages, Footpaths. Report a problem. Potholes, blocked access, lack of maintenance and other problems associated with vehicular and pedestrian rights of way. First point of contact, Norham Parish Council.
Report a problem.
Waste Collection. Which days does the Council empty bins. Which coloured bin should I put out this week. Check for different dates after Bank Holiday weekends.
Click on the link, put your Postcode into the box on the screen, select your house (or any house on the list) and a calendar is shown with dates for Norham Bin Collections highlighted. Bin Collection Dates .
Mobile Post Office van visits Norham on weekdays and parks beside the Village Hall. Visiting times are:
Monday 9.00 -11.00
Tuesday 13.45 – 15.45
Wednesday 9.00 – 11.00
Thursday 13.45 -15.45
Friday 10.00 – 12.00
The timetable may vary. Last updated 16 February 2018.