Music in Norham

Norham has its fair share of musical interest, activities, and events. There are  strong links with other musical  events in the region. Concerts and performances take place in the Norham Village Hall and in Norham’s St Cuthbert’s Church. There are musical facilities and opportunities for all ages, younger and older.

DSC00916-Organ and Trumpet

Our Village Band meets regularly every week for practice, usually inside the Village Hall but on a fine sunny day they can be seen and heard outside the Hall.

The Church Choir is well supported and well known in the area for the quality of their performances. In addition to singing in Church on most Sundays throughout the year they participate in other activities outside of Norham.

The Church Organ is often central to musical events as well as participating in regular Church Services. For more details go to our musical events and organ music page.

Another very active group are the Norham Junior Singers.

The last Friday of each month sees a “music night” at the Mason’s Arms.

On certain weekdays you can find a group of Scottish Country dancers drawn from across the community.




DSC08919-PK-Band Practice al Fresco-2 DSC08895-PK-Band Practice al Fresco