Local Businesses


Some of the Local Businesses in Norham:-



Agricultural Contractors

W Hume & Son, Hillside House, Norham.  Tel: 01289-382435


James Ford & Son, West Street, Norham.   Tel: 01289-382 248


Ian Simpson, Norham.

Boiler Services

Fairbairn Oil Fired Boiler Services Ltd. 27 Castle Street, Norham. Tel:01289-382837


R G Foreman & Sons, Castle Street, Norham.  Tel: 01289-382 260

Convenience Store   

MACE Store, 22a Castle Street, Norham.   Tel: 01289-382205

Farmers and Seed Growers

G Curry, West Newbiggin Farm, Norham

Galagate Farms, Galagate, Norham.   Tel: 01289-382271

R J D Watkin, East Newburn Farm, Norham

Fishing Tackle & Gunsmith 

Castle Gunmakers, 17 West Street, Norham. Tel:01289-382 526

Fishing Tackle  Salmon Flies  

Tweed Salmon Fly Limited, 8 Castle Street, Norham.   Tel:01289-382 260

Garden Services


Joiner & Roofer   

Michael Carr Joinery,  16 St Cuthbert’s Square, Norham.   Tel: 07801-377 366

Motor Mechanic & Garage

BHP Norham Ltd, 24 Castle St, Norham.   Tl:01289-382 239


GIS Photographic, 38 Castle Street, Norham. Tel:01289-382 070

Plumbing and Heating Engineers   

George Straughen, 1 West Street, Norham. Tel:01289-382226


Professional Services

Longmere Consultants, Professional Investigation and Commercial Debt Recovery company.
P O Box 115, Berwick-upon-Tweed.   Tel 01289 382 006

Tree Surgeons



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