The Church

churchlogoSt Cuthbert’s, Norham, is part of the Church of England in the Diocese of Newcastle.  As the parish church, it exists for the benefit of everyone who lives in the parish.

As a community of faith, Norham Church has much to offer.  About forty to fifty people come together to worship every Sunday, including a number of children and young people.  We enjoy both our worship and our fellowship, and a warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to join us.

As a building, Norham Church speaks of the patient availability of God.  The church is kept open during daylight hours, for those who come to pray, to sit quietly, or simply to look round.  The building is also used for meetings, concerts and friendly get-togethers.

Norham Church is in the fortunate position of being well-supported in many ways, but we’re far from being complacent.  We continue to seek ways in which to work with and be part of the wider community.

In 2015   St Cuthbert’s is Celebrating 850 Years of Norham Church

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