Vicars and Tarts Vintage Tractor Rally

Vicars and Tarts Vintage Tractor Rally

DSC05336-Tractor Pano

A large turnout of tractors with their drivers in various disguises arrived on Cross Green in Norham on Saturday 6th September. A good crowd also turned up to watch the spectacle. DSC05315-Heading into NorhamThe rally was organised to raise funds for RABI and the four parish churches visited along the route. The tractors first congregated on the green where folk could come and stare or photograph or chat. It was a lively crowd and many took advantage of the tea and coffee along with scrumptious freshly made scones of all sorts, on offer outside the Village Hall. The scene was colourful and many cameras were clicking away.



Soon it was time to depart towards Cornhill and then onwards to Carham for a quick break on the banks of Tweed. Then it was on to Branxton for the lunch break.

DSC05325-David Brown on Cross Green


The pictures show that it was a colourful affair as well as being really interesting. We are awaiting reports on the sums raised and the reactions of the various drivers. How many real vicars were among the drivers is not certain.

DSC05335-David Brown collection



There were plenty of David Brown tractors participating, so someone local must have a special interest there!




DSC05330-happy driversDSC05341-Vicar & David Brown 300


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